About Jordan Harding

My name is Jordan Harding and I’m the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of HabitatSeven. HabitatSeven is a web development and design company focused on delivering science based data to decision makers through data visualizations and data access systems. 

Over the past several years, I have led the production of digital tools for many of the world’s top science organizations including the Office of Science and Technology Policy (under Obama), the World Resources Institute, NOAA, NASA, the United Nations, DFID, the World Bank, Cornell University, Yale University, the University of California (Berkeley), the Gates Foundation, UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and others. 

When I’m not at my day job I work as a freelance full-stack web application developer for my own company, Transit Network. Transit Network was started in 1995 as an umbrella company for a large network of web sites & domain names I developed, bought and sold over the years. I love to code.


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